Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Great Equalizer

I would venture to say that out of all things small that can affect our lives, the common cold is the greatest equalizer. Anyone who gets a cold deals with the red, runny nose, the coughing that disrupts things, the body aches that make you hunch in on yourself...all of it. Even the most beautiful, put-together people look like...well, crap, when they have a cold.

This was never more clear to me than yesterday. I've been dealing with a cold for the last few days, so I'm a little the worse for wear, to say the least. Yesterday was one of those days where you can only breathe from one nostril, but the one that's stopped up, that won't sniff or blow, is the one that runs. I don't know how "normal" people deal with this, but my solution (at home, anyway) is to put a piece of toilet paper up my nose. I know that's not the prettiest picture in the world, but it is what it is and serves its purpose well. Yesterday was a day of toilet paper up the nose. And it didn't bother anyone; Jessie looked at me kind of funny, but I told her it helped me keep my nose from running, so it evidently made sense to her.

But then...the cable guy showed up. He knocked on our door to tell me that they were going to bury the cable they'd rerun several months ago (FINALLY), and got the unspeakably beautiful sight of me: rumpled, red watery eyes, and red peeling nose complete with toilet paper "plug". I tried to be inconspicuous and act like I was rubbing my nose in order to remove the toilet paper, but the damage was done. My secret was out.

Maybe the next time he gets a cold, he'll take a cue from me, and stop his nose from running MY way. Who knows?

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  1. Oh you were so busted by the cable guy!!! I am sure he will adopt your method of snot control the next time he has a cold so you can pat yourself on the back for educating him!!! Hopping over from Diane's and happy to have found you!!! Have a great day!